FAQs About Dog Boarding and Training

I need to board my dog quickly, do I need to rush to the vet and get a bordetella vaccine?

Please don't. We feel it is completely your decision to get a bordetella (Kennel cough/Canine cough vaccine) and for this reason we do not require it. The reason we don't is because it only protects against a couple strains of the virus and there are dozens! Therefore we would much rather you didn't stress your dogs immune system before changing their environment by boarding as this will cause a higher risk of illness. It also takes 2 weeks just to build immunity and so by getting it right before boarding, will not benefit them in anyway. Lastly, it is a live virus and can shed to other dogs for some time after getting the vaccine so it is a higher risk to us, for you to get it - than not get it at all.

Q: What if my adult dog has never boarded before?

We recommending coming for a couple days of either half or full day daycare to get them acclimated. When they have seen they come and go home, it makes them much more comfortable to do overnight boarding.

Q: Do you offer a free day of daycare?

We typically do not, and the reason is because we feel dogs often need a little time to warm up. Of course dogs that are used to going to daycare all the time are going to jump right in, but dogs that are used to one on one type of play time with other dogs might take a few days to fully open up. We don’t think its fair to judge your dog based on one half or full day as it doesn’t mean your dog won’t do well in a few days. We take our time trying to make sure your dog is successful, rather than just throwing them into a big group to “see how they do.” Of course if your dog is instantly aggressive we will have to recommend you do training first before trying daycare again – in that scenario we may not charge for the day on a case by case basis.

Q: What if my dog doesn’t tend to do well with other dogs?

We understand that some dogs are just “people dogs” and don’t have the desire to socialize with their own kind. We do recommend training if you haven’t already, and later maintenance training during their stays can be very beneficial to preventing boredom. We will do our best to accommodate dogs that require a “quiet area” away from other dogs.